Unclaimed Baggage Murder Mystery


Why choose Unclaimed Baggage?

Unclaimed Baggage events are very, very funny. We have a group of experienced actors, delivering really brilliant scripts, so if you need a 'different' event to excite and enthral your guests, then choose us.

What does a typical event look like?

We will work with you to ensure that the evening is tailor-made to your requirements. Previous events have followed a simple structure:

  • The play: typically 45 to 60 minutes in duration with the actors entirely in role.

  • A meal/drinks/interval when the audience can discuss what they have seen and use the written materials on the table to begin their investigation.

  • Yes/No questions. The audience can ask closed questions to the characters.

  • Dessert/drinks/interval

  • Open-ended questions are asked to the characters

  • The audience submit their answers - who did it, what was the motive and how did they do it?

  • The reveal: The murderer is unveiled and prizes are awarded to the winning teams.

We are happy to alter any of this to suit your needs. 

What size of audience would be best?

At present, we would suggest an audience of 50+ people because we provide a large cast and it makes for better questioning of the suspects, thus creating a brilliant atmosphere. In the future, we hope to provide smaller-scale events too, using fewer actors... so watch this space.

Do the audience need to be involved?

The beauty of our events is that the audience can be as involved as they wish to be. Your audience is welcome to simply sit back and watch; however, the evenings are far more interesting and enjoyable if the audience choose to get involved. This makes our events perfect for team building or as a reward or celebration. There are many opportunities for the audience to discuss things amongst themselves, engage with the characters, or ask questions in front of the whole room.

Where can your events take place?

We are based in Oxfordshire, but we are willing to travel to you. Our events work well in village halls, barns, theatres, private houses and hotels. But we are happy to discuss your event requirements with you at the time of booking.

What kind of events are Unclaimed Baggage suitable for?

Our events are suitable for any group of people who want an enjoyable, entertaining and side-splittingly funny evening, for example; birthdays, celebrations, weddings, corporate entertaining, Christmas parties or team building exercises. The material, however, is not suitable for under18s.

Do the actors interact with the audience?

Our actors will remain in character for the whole of the event. The characters can mingle and interact with the audience and the detective/police officer will act as a host for the evening, running the question and answer sessions and directing the proceedings.

How much does it cost?

We will tailor-make our packages based on your requirements. So please do contact us to receive a quotation for your event.

How long is each event?

This will depend on your requirements. An Unclaimed Baggage event will usually last around three hours but your exact timings can be discussed at the time of booking.

How do we book?

Please get in touch to discuss your event and to get a quote.

Email: unclaimedbaggage@outlook.co.uk Telephone: 01993 778425